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I was once told by a mentor that not all people charged with crimes are criminals.  This valuable lesson has been confirmed through my years in private practice.  Many people make mistakes for a number of reasons.  


Whether you are a first time offender or facing a new charge with prior offenses I understand how to navigate both the criminal and administrative license suspension systems.  


Many people have asked me if they need a lawyer in traffic court.  While the courts rarely require you to have an attorney in traffic court I cannot honestly advise anyone to attempt to represent themselves in any legal matter.  


Unfortunately our nation’s divorce rate is very high and often two who once fell in love find themselves in relationships that no longer work for one or both of them.  This can be a very emotionally and financially difficult time for good people.  


If, for whatever reason, your child or children have been taken into juvenile custody dealing with Missouri’s Children’s Division can be a daunting task.  financially difficult time for good people.  


My father was killed in a motor vehicle accident when I was just six months old leaving my mother to care for myself and my two siblings while many times working two jobs to survive.  No person should have to struggle financially after being injured or losing a loved one due to the negligence of another person.

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